Getting the Hang of CSP!

Progress with CSP

Well I'm happy to say that I've been able to replicate pretty much ALL of the processes that I used to use on Photoshop with CSP... some of it is WAY faster than Photoshop (line tools, framing etc), some of it is utterly frustrating (no bounding boxes for text to stay within for speech).

Last night it took me about four and a half hours to get the next TOHS page turned out (was determined to see if there was any actual time savings.).

With this announcement I'm hoping to now build my buffers up so that on June 1st I can return to a regular update schedule and be ahead. :) Best laid plans I know, but I AM going to try! (just in time for school to let out btw. snort!)

TOHS: Genesis

I received my shipment of physical books for Genesis and I am VERY happy with the quality of them! WOOOO!!! If you want a signed physical copy, they will be $14 plus shipping and handling to your location! Please email me using the contact button above and we can make arrangements for payment! :)

Additionally, TOHS: Genesis is also available in both Kindle and Print through Amazon! You can also get the kindle version free through Prime, or you can order the print copy and get the Kindle version for $0.99 through Matchbook! WOO!

This Week on Darwin Comics

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A little help there Steve? Your brother's heavy...

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Bye-Week Filler: Seeds of Truth Divider for Genesis!

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