Helloooo October PT 2

So my quest continues this weekend and therefore I'm getting this stuff done and up early for my readers.

You'll also note that I've changed the "this week's page" teaser for TOHS. Though those skulls looked really cool in concept, I quickly came to realize they actually DETRACT from the viewing of the page teasers. So while the left hand skull will remain as is, I've changed the current page image with a plain circle... not quite as cool but definitely a clearer read...

Michael continues its hiatus with more concept art... this time? Inception art pretty much... mildly spoilerish, but nothing that will kill your reading pleasure!

Three more weeks until Michael resumes updates! Guest art is still very much welcome!

(Updates Monday)

One of Michael's first images...

(Updates Thursdays)

Someone's not pleased with their lot in life right now...

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