Shelter in Place Continues

:/ Things just keep getting pushed back. SIP has now been extended for until August 11th (in other words the remainder of this school year is going to be on line only. Had my first Zoom with my students... I was a little bummed when only five showed up out of 61... *shrugs* I rather expected it actually.

My "Art a Day" mentality has slipped somewhat too. However this coming week is Spring Break so I have no daily school obligations, and I hope to use that to advantage! Thought of a few new creative projects I should jump on!

My Art/story Update:

  • Editing and posting chapters for Of Dhampirs (see below)
  • Anthology page 4 is in progress (Inks).
  • Going to work on cleaning up/reformatting Of Dhampirs comic pages for a new gumroad
  • Going to work on another Gemutations PDF as well.
  • Have been updating Gemutations: Plague Pages on the website, so if you want to see some upgraded dialogue and formatting give it another read! We're up to "Exposed" so far! (After that there may not need to be much tweaking truth be told)
  • TOHS: Of Dhampirs and Warlocks Novel on Fictionpress!

    *There are now NINE CHAPTERS of Of Dhampirs and Warlocks up on Fictionpress and I will be posting three more in the next few days!*

    I'm realizing as I'm getting to the portion of the story I used for the webcomic that I am probably going to be breaking the book into two... the writing in the early part of the story is wholly focused on Garrett's POV, and then when we get to the webcomic source material, we're using three different POV's and I'm not keen on changing the writing style within a single book.

    If I do this, I may try to have a simultaneous release of the two novels together. Still mulling the prospect!

    (Updates Monday)

    Other friends aren't amused by Michael's return to the baggy formless clothes...

    (Updates Thursdays)

    The crowd directs the DO to the source of the problem.


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