Spiderforest Application Season!

From now until July 31st, you can apply for membership to the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective! If you have a long form or strip comic, at least one non-prologue chapter complete, and are looking to be in a community of supportive, like-minded creators, here's your chance! Check out the Apply Page for requirements and more information! The application will go live on Tuesday!

My Summer "To-Do" List

So here's my updated list of things to do over the summer:

-Paint the cover for Promises

-Build a buffer for The Devil's Own for the October release (Four pages complete)

-Redo the TOHS website (Sitting on the urge to overhaul it now)

-Gumroad release for TOHS: Endgame (in work on converting pages to TIFFS

-Threat's REDUX (progress 2 pages so far 3rd page drafted!)

-IF the Redux gets done, PDF of the first arc of Gemutations: Plague

(Updates Monday)

Whelp... let's get it over with...

(Updates Thursdays)

*Muppet Flail* THUMBNAILS!

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