Upcoming Bicentennial

23 August, 2010

Today's Page
Whatever this creature is it isn't a pushover. Bull had better watch his step or else he might get in over his head on this little endeavor!

Closing on Page 200!!
Over four years and finally we're reaching that bicentennial mark! I am considering doing much like I did with TOHS's 250 page, with a name that frame contest. I you think you'd be interested in participating please leave me a review and let me know. I'm not going to kill myself making cells for this one (rarely have I made a separate file for cells from this comic) if I get the kind of response I did from TOHS...that is...only a couple people threw their hat in the ring! It would work much the same way...whoever guess the most right would get a picture drawn by me.

Let me know please!


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