Xmas Week

First week of my three week vacation.

Hoping to use the time to get ahead on comic making.

Speaking of the Novel!

That's right, I managed to get Starting Over whipped into shape ahead of schedule and decided it would be fun to have a book out around Christmas!

The Brothers Martin: Starting Over takes place between Forgotten Ties and Plague (in fact it leads into Plague there at the end).

The story follows Steve as he escapes the United States and heads back to Kuala Lumpur. He's after Takahira, after revenge for what the yakuza did to him in Hong Kong. However, things don't go as planned, and he entangles an innocent into his messed up life. Protecting Maribel starts out as duty, but it turns into something more.

Will Steve be able to start over, or will vengeance ruin any chance he has for happiness?

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Can you say "OW"?

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Getting the convo back on track.

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