One Week Til Hiatus!

Yup, October is almost upon us and I will be taking a breather! So from now until November 1st the comic updates will consist of concept pieces, sketches, and related art for each of the titles. PLEASE stop by each week, because IN ADDITION, I'll be featuring the comics and creators who are not a part of the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective! Lots of neat cross promotion to come! Stop by and check it out!


If you have worked on a piece of hiatus art but haven't had time to get it to me, there's still time! I'll take them up to and even through my hiatus. This means even though I've got some concept piece of other, your gift of art will usurp anything I put up!

(Updates Monday)

Ya gotta watch your surroundings at all times!

(Updates Thursdays)

Looks like Cabal and Sagira are more alike than they'll admit!

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