Testing Testing

That's More Like It!

Okay I'm breathing a little bit easier today than I have been in weeks!

I have managed to get two weeks buffer built for Michael, and should be able to bump that to three weeks before the new chapter starts (March 9th with Out of the Bag)

Additionally, I have this week's TOHS page done and will have the week after's here in a few hours!

Much more comfortable!

Small Site fixes!

Additionally this weekend I went through and did some touch ups to various sites around Darwin Comics.

  • Gemutations: Plague's site has been fixed for the SSL error that was occurring and will no longer tell you my site is full of nasty viruses and to stay away. In case you've not read it, or you want to read it again! :)

  • The Archive for The Only Half Saga: The Devil's Own has been updated and the image in the upper right of the page has been made smaller so the first row of archive chapters can actually be clicked! :P

  • I also did some aesthetic touch ups to Michael's archive. While it's not EXACTLY what I want, it is not as clunky looking as it was.
  • Stop by and take a look, and as always let me know if anything isn't working like it should.

    (Updates Monday)

    A new gemue design...

    (Updates Thursdays)

    A bit of disbelief moves through the ranks.


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