Summer's here the time is right for dancing in the streets....

That's right, my first official week of Vacay starts NOW!! WOOTS!! My conference is complete, and that means my free time is mine! *Dances* Check out the list further down for an update on my summer progress in the arts/story/comic department!


The last page of Of Dhampirs will post this Thursday! That means I am in need of any and all Guest Arts I can get my hands on ASAP!!

The title will be on Hiatus following this last update until October 2018....

I would really love to post some guest art rather than let the title sit idle for three months and lose all momentum. Please consider helping me fill the space?

My Summer "To-Do" List

So here's my updated list of things to do over the summer:

-Get the manuscript for Promises finalized

-Paint the cover for said novel

-Build a buffer for The Devil's Own for the October release

-Redo the TOHS website (Sitting on the urge to overhaul it now)

-Gumroad release for TOHS: Endgame

-Threat's REDUX (progress 1 page so far)

-IF the Redux gets done, PDF of the first arc of Gemutations: Plague

(Updates Monday)

What EXACTLY are you asking?

(Updates Thursdays)

Building concept for The Devil's Own... The Crypt Entrance

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