Cautiously Optimistic

Project Update PT 2

2.5 pages left in the project, by May 31st.... WEEEEE.... I can do this... last page is a splash and SHOULDN'T take as long as the other two.

The Good News? I've finished June 1st's update for TOHS and have the drafts done for Plague and TOHS for the week after... *Crosses fingers* Not a Buffer persay, but it's at least a sign I can resume regular updates!

Podcast: Starring yours truly!

The most recent podcast "Fact VS Fantasy" is a discussion about how to make a fantasy setting realistic and the research it takes to make it work! Give it a listen! It was a lot of fun to be a part of! Please stop by The Podcast Page to take a listen and catch up on the three previous pod casts!

This Week on Darwin Comics

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Art progression for Steve Martin, (no relation to the comedian...)

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Claudius and Salus... "Devil's Own".

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