February is Kicking my Backside

Guess there has to be some bumps in the road... last week I came down with the flu and here it is a week later and I still haven't produced any comic (or other) art. I apologize... on the bright side?? Next week I should be able to make up a LITTLE Ground... Should I feel better and all... the past 48 hours have been quite rough on me. I can't say I've eaten a full meal in about five days now.

Darwin's Domain Discord!

Want a more direct way to communicate with me regarding TOHS and Michael? Want to talk to me about when the next novel will hit the shelf? Well here's the opportunity you've been looking for!! I have established Darwin's Domain a discord server specifically for that purpose! Please stop by and give it a looksee! Introduce yourself in the lounge, or keep up with live news in Darwin Comics or Darwin Publishing channels!

TOHS hits 600 pages!

So this Thursday, the 600th page will post for TOHS!! O_o So many pages... how did that happen! Not really doing anything special, but if you want to help me celebrate it with fan art or stories, I will not say now! Thanks guys for the support over the years!

Comics of the Week - week 5

Keep an eye on either Michael or TOHS for each week's offerings! :)

(Updates Monday)

Uh... wouldn't it be easier to catch the bus if you were.. I dunno, out waiting for it?

(Updates Thursdays)

Garrett that sounds terribly stalkerish... and I totally wouldn't put t past you.

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