An Ode to the End of Summer

Tomorrow is the last day for the Spiderforest Application season! If you are interested in getting an application in, you have until 12AM EDT to send it!

Following that we will be deliberating on what apps will be accepted or declined! We hope to have an announcement in the early weeks of September!

Site updates!

While not immediately noticeable, the new upgrade to the site is a functional change! Both TOHS and Plague's drop down archive menus now list the most recent page first!

Several readers on both sites have cited that as a wish list, and I was able to get assistance in how to make that happen for my CMS!

This set of changes also helped me get Michael's chapter navigation working too!


October seems like a long ways off, but really it's around the corner! I am taking the month of October off for various important reasons.

That said I'm looking for fan art for both TOHS and Plague (if it is still running, and perhaps even if it is not).

If you are a fan and would like to help me fill up the weeks between September and November, please email me at . Deadline for any submissions is September 22nd!

(Updates Monday)

Them's some vows! :)

(Updates Thursdays)

Blaine announces his group's intentions.

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