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Michael: The Cause Goes Live!~

What would it be like to be a mutant in an all human high school? Michael Scott is about to find out as his sharkmue genetics kick in just before his freshman year! Some want to make him the face for the gemue equality movement, while others want to run him out of school.

All Michael wants is to survive the ninth grade!

Check out the brand new Young Adult Novel set in the Gemutations universe!

The book is available in both print and the kindle

Want a signed copy? Please contact me through one of my websites and we can arrange price and shipping!

Spread the word! I would love to see this first YA attempt be a smashing success!

Darwin's Domain Discord!

I have established Darwin's Domain a discord server specifically for that purpose!

Stop by and join, you'll get exclusive news regarding upcoming projects, behind the scenes looks at production on novels and other cool, non-public access areas into my creative processes!

TOHS Guest Art!

As I have mentioned several times now, TOHS will be going on hiatus at the conclusion of this current story arc. I am putting out a request for GUEST ART! If you're a fan of the title and would like to help fill the space, I would very much appreciate your assistance. Because we ALL know what happens when a title falls off the radar for too long! :P

Please contact me via the contact button above (or one of the contact buttons on one of my sites) if you're interested in helping me out. There is no deadline on it as I will take any and all guest art all the way through October!

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You done did it now, Michael... a date with the principal!

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Garrett is frustrated by Sagira's cold shoulder.

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