Midway through my Hiatus and things are going pretty well. I was able to get one of my October obligations finished well in advance of when I thought so one bit of weight is off my shoulders.

Better yet, I hope to have two weeks worth of Post Hiatus comic pages done by today! *Dances* two week buffer is better than none, yeah? With luck, that will be bumped up to three weeks by NEXT Weekend.

Continue to stop by the sites! I have some Spiderforest Creator Features up there each week for our new Spider Forest Creative Teams!

Additionally, I will be trotting out concept work for upcoming comic arcs and stories (Plague's will feature unseen images from Michael - hopefully rolling out January 2018 - While TOHS will feature images from the Devil's Own arc which follows the Of Dhampirs conclusion!

(Updates Monday)

Concept art for Cory Templeton, Michael's main antagonist (of sorts).

(Updates Thursdays)

Cabal brings stakes to a sword fight...

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